McKean Evans is an insurance and ERISA lawyer and outdoor enthusiast.  McKean practices law at the firm Plaintiff Litigation Group, PLLC in Pioneer Square, Seattle.

Exploring the Cascades

McKean grew up in Maine, then attended law school and became a lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA, where he practiced for many years.  He worked for a judge right out of law school, which was a great experience because it got him out of the “ivory tower” and let him see firsthand how the law impacts actual human beings in real life.  McKean saw a lot of people suffer because they lacked the time, resources or knowledge to fight the system, but also saw a lot of injustices and problems fixed by good lawyers. Afterwards, McKean practiced in a Pittsburgh law firm where he learned, among other things, how to litigate and resolve insurance and ERISA disputes.

While living in Pittsburgh, McKean met his now-wife.  She grew up in the Pacific Northwest and always wanted to return here.  After a few visits to the PNW (warm winters! cool summers! mountains! ocean! desert! breweries!) relocating here was an easy sell.  McKean found a Seattle firm where he could continue practicing insurance and ERISA law, threw his stuff in the back of his car and drove across the country to the Northwest.

Making the trek through South Dakota.