McKean Evans is a lawyer who handles insurance and ERISA cases as part of his practice at the firm Ruiz & Smart, LLP in downtown Seattle.

McKean grew up in Maine, then attended law school and became a lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA, where he practiced for many years before joining his wife in the Pacific Northwest.  He worked for a judge right out of law school, which was a great experience because it got him out of the “ivory tower” and let him see firsthand how the law impacts actual human beings in real life.  McKean saw a lot of people suffer because they lacked the time, resources or knowledge to fight the system, but also saw a lot of injustices and problems fixed by good lawyers.

Afterwards, McKean joined a law firm helping people and small businesses litigate cases involving insurance claims, discrimination, civil rights, and more.

McKean considers himself lucky to have a job handling interesting cases that matter to real people.